Family Assistance Services

About our Family Assistance Services

We can help families to cope and adjust with challenging behaviours in the home by introducing strategies for family members and providing targeted learnings for improved quality of life.  

Challenging Behaviours

  • For families who require assistance with a specific behaviour issue.

  • Consist of initial consultation and observation of the child where behaviours may occur (e.g. at home or at school).

  • Functional Behaviour Assessment conducted to identify function of behaviours.

  • A behaviour plan with intervention strategies will be developed.

  • Follow-up consultations to assess progress and to provide continued support as required.

Assistance with targeted behaviours

We offer specific consultation for learning key behaviours like Toilet Training, Food Refusal, Academic Skills, Sleeping.
  • For families who require assistance for their child to learn a specific behaviour (e.g toilet training).
  • Consists of initial consultation and observation.
  • An intervention plan with teaching strategies will be developed.
  • Follow-up consultations to assess progress and continued support if required.

Is your child struggling to learn?

We can help by using evidence-based methods like Applied Behaviour Analysis and Positive Behaviour Support to help your child with autism or other developmental delays improve essential life skills and help children learn.
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